Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to Team Independent Racers Blog!

Welcome to the blog of Team Independent Racers!

We are a group of independent racers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who are passionate in cycling, running and triathlon. We are a amateur group to train ordinary human to become extraordinary athletes.

Team Independent Racers (Team IR) was formerly known as Brotherhood of Extraordinary Men (BOM). BOM was founded in 2008 by several enthusiastic runners. In 2009, BOM was renamed to the present Team IR to reflect our independent stand in sports politics and affiliations.

Today, Team IR has over 20 members locally and abroad, namely Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Though we are a small private cycling club, some of our members are hardcore runners, duathletes and triathletes. Generally, all team members are passionate in cycling and we always assist our team members in anyway to make their cycling experience more enjoyable. And hopefully we hope to improve their cycling performance too.

Typically, we have training rides every weekend: shorter route on Saturday and longer route on Sunday. We do have training rides on weeknights on impromptu basis. In our off-racing season (usually from March till June), we do conduct beginner cycling workshops for potential new members.

As Team IR continues ro grow in size, we endeavour to help our team members to grow too. In future, we will be launching our official team website, Facebook page and Twitter account, in addition to this blog and Cnectd group chat. We hope these would serve our members better in future communications with the latest news and group activities.

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