Saturday, October 13, 2012 Sports Portal is a semi-voluntary web portal project initiated by Conqueror’s Vision Sdn Bhd. The company Director is Dato Patrick CJ Liew, a person who is very active in NGO activities and passionate about volunteerism spirit. He wish to share his social, corporate and government working experiences – making Sarawak a better place to live and put more light in the tunnel for our Youth’s future. Dato Patrick is also the founder of popular local magazine, “Happenings in Sarawak“.

Through this portal, we want to bridge the link between the Youths, NGOs, government agencies and corporate sectors. Through the cooperation of all relevant sectors, we want to create a portal where we can inculcate sharing of knowledge, information, leadership building and training, lifestyle, sport, healthy activities, a venue to voice Youth’s opinions and also executing ideas.

Our portal also supports and encourages for Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre (KIRC) to be the main venue for youth-oriented activities, be it musical, creative arts, sports, technology and many others.

We will also assist in terms of seeking sponsorships, getting approvals from the authorities and other ways to make their events and activities successful and beneficial to our youth, our future.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Penang Launches First Phase of Coastal Bicycle Lane

The Penang state government has launched a RM30 million coastal bicycle route project.

Some highlights:

• 12.5km coastal route linking Bayan Baru and George Town

• The state’s Bicycle Lane Masterplan includes a total of 200km of bicycle lanes for both the island and the mainland, out of which, 120km is on the island

• Phase One involved the designation of bicycle lanes and putting up of cycling signboards all over the state

• Phase Two involves a coastal cycling route of 38km linking Batu Maung to Teluk Bahang

• Estimated around 35,000 cyclists (or 5% of the Penang population) who cycles for recreational activities

• Target to increase the number of cyclists to 15% of Penang population

At this rate, Penang will soon be a cycling hub in the region for locals and tourists. Penang has set an exemplary role model for other states to follow. It is time for other local authorities to walk the talk. In the past decades, there have been numerous news and announcement to build bike lanes and convert the towns to be more cycling friendly. Unfortunately, there is nothing to show till now.

However, good efforts by Kuala Kubu Bharu and Kuching must be commended. Both towns actually have designated shared bike lanes, though a small distance. In Kuching, the bike lane can be found on Jalan Astana.

Hopefully, more states follow Penang's footstep to offer cycling as alternative transportation mode for residents.


Malaysia Elite Triathlon Team

Steve Lumley ( has recently announced the formation of an new Malaysian Elite Triathlon Team.

Triathlon is now part of the programme at the Olympic, Asian, SEA and Commonwealth Games. Currently there are very limited resources in Malaysia to assist with progress to the top levels of sport, or to help identify and develop younger athletes.

Our Team has the goal of locating talented athletes and developing them to their full potential in the sport of triathlon. It is about high performance sport and developing highly talented athletes who have the potential to compete for their country.

We are now looking for interested and talented athletes, from all over Malaysia, to become members of the team. We are looking for athletes with the following profile:

• A strong swimming background and some running experience (school competitions, community participation, athletics club); Swim ability is particularly important and, as a guide, for U16 athletes 200meter freestyle times of under 2min 40s (girls) and 2min25s (boys) is desirable. For over 16′s 400m freestyle of under 5min 30 (girls) and under 5 min (boys).
Keen to represent Malaysia in one of the fastest growing and exciting Olympic sports;

• A willingness to work up to a standard to compete with the rest of the world, and an attitude to work hard, learn and improve

The aims of the Team are to:

• Support and promote triathlon at an elite level in Malaysia to develop Malaysian athletes capable of being competitive at elite level in SEA, Asia and beyond

• Assist in providing expert, professional coaching and other support services, equipment and resources required by elite triathletes to succeed at a high level in modern endurance sport

• Create and facilitate and conducive atmosphere for triathletes to train together and improve themselves

• Provide a development pathway for youth, junior and senior athletes, to move racers to the next level and add new talent to the team

• Assist with travel costs to help athletes gain access to an appropriate level of racing overseas

The team is supported by:

• AirAsiaX
• FHL Sports
• Powerbar
• SEGI University

For further information and to apply for team membership please contact with a brief outline of sporting achievements and swim times (run also if available)

Ref: - Train Like A Pro


Conceived with the help of Dr. Michele Ferrari, is an online training center for cyclists from all over the world.

Starting a personal training relationship gives amateur cyclists the chance to try Dr. Michele Ferrari's Training Method, proven to be successful with many professional athletes over the last two decades. All training relationships are strictly personal and take care of all aspects of the cycling discipline and lifestyle. also includes a wealth of other bicycle related information such as articles on various topics, race comments and promotion of training camps.

Services offered through the website:

• personalized training programme

• wealth of training related articles

• commentary on selected professional race events

• training camp events details

• forum

• favourite URL links


When Branding Means Living Life - Rapha

If you were to ask Marketing Director James Fairbank of Rapha what the best sport is, he would unequivocally respond with “road-cycling.” The biking lifestyle brand’s Marketing Director introduced his company to this year’s PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON attendees, explaining how they work to promote a lifestyle and passion, rather than marketing products. Led by the motto ‘Glory Through Suffering’ the company employs over 60 individuals around the world and has bases in New York, San Francisco, London, and Tokyo.

Rapha was born from a desire eight years ago to combine everyday wear with a passion for cycling. The founder, Simon Mottram, wanted to not only create a luxury lifestyle brand, but also to infuse business with deep customer insight and convince the entire world’s populous that cycling is the best sport, a goal he hasn’t abandoned. Through marketing quality products and events, designing films and advertisements, sponsoring young athletes and offering an “emporium” of goods, Rapha hopes to continue generating passion for the sport and creating a more personalized shopping experience for their customers.

Some highlights from the talk:

* Value deep customer insight and build your business practices around their needs.

* Don’t market products; market a lifestyle, a concept.

* Strive to make your work appreciated by others outside of your clientele (ie advertisers, designers).

* Work to get others involved and motivated.

* Always add personal touches to make your company personable and approachable.