Friday, October 12, 2012

Penang Launches First Phase of Coastal Bicycle Lane

The Penang state government has launched a RM30 million coastal bicycle route project.

Some highlights:

• 12.5km coastal route linking Bayan Baru and George Town

• The state’s Bicycle Lane Masterplan includes a total of 200km of bicycle lanes for both the island and the mainland, out of which, 120km is on the island

• Phase One involved the designation of bicycle lanes and putting up of cycling signboards all over the state

• Phase Two involves a coastal cycling route of 38km linking Batu Maung to Teluk Bahang

• Estimated around 35,000 cyclists (or 5% of the Penang population) who cycles for recreational activities

• Target to increase the number of cyclists to 15% of Penang population

At this rate, Penang will soon be a cycling hub in the region for locals and tourists. Penang has set an exemplary role model for other states to follow. It is time for other local authorities to walk the talk. In the past decades, there have been numerous news and announcement to build bike lanes and convert the towns to be more cycling friendly. Unfortunately, there is nothing to show till now.

However, good efforts by Kuala Kubu Bharu and Kuching must be commended. Both towns actually have designated shared bike lanes, though a small distance. In Kuching, the bike lane can be found on Jalan Astana.

Hopefully, more states follow Penang's footstep to offer cycling as alternative transportation mode for residents.


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